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Oil Slick

I have to thank you guys for saving my bacon. I was riding to work in Boston when my commute turned to hell. I high-sided my CBR600RR after hitting an oil slick in the middle of my lane. I remember the whole event because your Airframe helmet kept me conscious and my head safe. I went over the handlebars after my bike 'righted itself' and the first thing to hit the pavement was my head, followed by my right shoulder, my ribs and then my waist. I was wearing a Pursuit jacket, Merc gauntlet gloves and a Field Armor back protector.

I broke my collar bone and six of my ribs. I bruised my lung and liver, but I had no rashes whatsoever except for my knees (I was wearing jeans). The paramedics were amazed to find me walking and the doctors were amazed to hear that my head was the primary impact area. I never once thought about a head injury until after the doctor let loose a few expletives when he heard what happened.

I am alive and will ride again thanks to your engineering. And you bet your ass it'll be under another Airframe helmet!

Thank you,

Adam L.


I would just like to say thank you for helping save my life. Last night (September 20, 2008) I was involved in a hit and run. I landed on my head and slid 20 yards down the road. I happened to be wearing my new Icon Domain Decay helmet, and didn't even feel the impact - nor did I sustain any head trauma (or even a headache)! I put your product to the ultimate test and it passed with flying colors. I would like everyone to know how impressed I am.

Kevin K.


Just writing to say thanks. I had an accident last week and slid into a concrete divider at 50 mph. My helmet impacted right at the chin but the only damage to my head was a scratch on my left cheek and a cut inside my mouth. Too bad I can't say that about the rest of my body, which now sports a broken clavicle, two separated ribs, and a bruised lung, kidney and spleen.


Max Y.

OVER 600

To Icon,

I wanted to thank you for your outstanding gear. I was in a very bad accident a little over a year ago. Another vehicle going over 100mph hit my boyfriend and me from behind. He and I toppled and skidded with my 01 Honda CBR F4i for over 600 feet. I had on the Pink Mainframe Hooligan helmet (my favorite), which just received a large scrape when my head hit the ground. I walked away with just some road rash, but my boyfriend wasn't as fortunate. He had on a lesser quality helmet and it was completely demolished, leaving him with a bad concussion, broken spine, and paralysis from the waist down. The doctors at the ER told me I was very lucky. To this day, I still show everyone the lid that saved my life.

As soon as I was able, I went right back out and bought another Icon helmet, jacket and gloves! Thank you so much for making quality gear that I can trust.

Sincerely Yours,

Stepanie M.




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