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Racing Enthusiasts is an authorised  dealer of WHEEL JOCKEY.

Retail Price SGD 115.90

 SGD 90.00 Now!!!


Motorcycle chain and wheel work made easy.

Finally, a simple tool offers a solution for the cumbersome task of rotating

motorcycle wheels for: Tire and Wheel Cleaning, Chain Maintenance, 

Valve Stem Positioning, and Tire Inspection. And, what’s more, Wheel Jockey®

is small enough to be easily stowed under the seat or in any motorcycle



 WHEEL JOCKEY's Testimonials


Got this device from Racing Enthusiasts a week back..Found it to be quite useful..Especially for bikes with no main stand. Just roll the bike on to the device and voila! U can turn the back of the wheel with 1 hand easily and do any maintainence u need on the wheel.


 Muhammad Na'im, Singapore

i bought the Wheel Jockey from you earlier this week.. used it for my 1st bike wash today and it works great! of course to get it aligned and all was a bit trial-n-error, but im sure i will get better the more i use it.. it really saves me more time compared to trying to balance my Phantom on a car-jack.. it really helps when washing my rims and lubing my chain.. great product! will spread the word! :)


 Neale Bayly, International Motorcycle Journalist

"Enter Wheel Jockey. As the owner of a motorcycle without a center stand, and with three test bikes currently on loan that don't have one either, chain lube time is always a challenge. Squirting a section before rolling the bike forward or back works, but to be quite honest it's a bit of pain. Now, with my Wheel Jockey in my seat tray, yes it's that small, I can pop it out anytime I like, roll my bike onto it, and lube away. It's also highly convenient when you want to clean the rear wheel. No need to have a race stand, no asking friends to tip the bike over, just a simple efficient one man job.

Wheel Jockey comes from the mind of a lifetime motorcyclist and that's why it's so simple and effective. I just wish I'd thought of it."


 Karsten Saller, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Today has been the easiest chain lube session since I drive a bike without a center stand, just a perfect start for a new year. If you're like me, always a skeptic when coming across some advice of the seller or manufacturer of an item supposed to make your life easier, then you'll appreciate the advice coming from me—a customer and biker like you. My honest opinion? The Wheel Jockey is a MUST for any chain driven street bike owner out there, be it a chopper, a custom, a naked or a sports bike. Even if it's not chain driven, it will help you clean the rims. Try it once and you'll never do without one again!


 Allan Vallis, British Columbia, Canada

I've got to take my hat off to you. I immediately tried out the Wheel Jockey and it works exactly as advertised.


 Don Martin, Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

You saw the pictures of my Hayabusa and the trailer that I pull when my wife and I travel. Well just try and picture what I have been doing every summer when traveling and we get to a motel at night and I start to lube my chain. With the trailer hooked up to the Hayabusa and me trying to push the bike a foot and then spray lube and then push another foot and spray lube, I am 20 minutes and half way around the motel parking lot. Now with the Wheel Jockey I am going to be 2 minutes and already parked in my spot. This product is absolutely one of the greatest accessories for a motorcyclist that owns a bike without a center stand.

AAAAAA to the Wheel Jockey.


 Dan Twigg, Wellington, New Zealand

I used it this morning after a great ride; worked a treat. I am very pleased. Now I want a second one to keep at my holiday house! I will be recommending to others.

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